About Joseph

Joseph Rooks

I'm a ruthless optimist, writer, and artist who is driven by an insatiable curiosity about the details in the world around me. It's my belief that everyone has something in them that can create good in the world, if they're just brave enough to share it.

Professionally, I'm a writer and content strategist who helps businesses discover the stories within their work that they take for granted, and then works with them to transform their stories into content so they can share their passion and purpose with the world outside their walls.

Apart from the consulting and workshops I've done both online and in-person with my clients, I've also enjoyed some very cool opportunities to share my thoughts on creativity, writing, content strategy, and business with students at schools like The Iron Yard and Big Nerd Ranch. I also love a good one-on-one conversation over coffee or on Skype, so if you'd like to trade stories about the things we're working on, please, make yourself known.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my framily, cooking nourishing meals, typing letters and journal entries on my typewriter(s), creating whimsical doodles and silly side projects, taking photos as a reminder to notice more of the beauty in the world, going on absurdly long walks, and reading well-worn, highlighted, and dog-eared copies of my favorite books.