A Declaration of Creativity, and a reminder of
how I want to view and do things in my everyday life.


1. Start with nothing. Add only what is needed.


2. Be brave, not fearless.


3. Try it to see if it will work (not just when you know it will).


4. Make time instead of waiting for it.


5. Don't solve made-up problems. Don't help people who do.


6. Put creating above feeling creative.


7. Use creativity as a tool, not as a status symbol.


8. Judge ideas fairly, not quickly.


9. Don't be afraid to give away ideas, even good ones. The execution is never the same twice.


10. Fill the world around you with stories.


11. Create moments of wonder, serendipity, joy, and laughter for others.


12. Lend your momentum to great ideas and great work.


13. Quit things that no longer serve who you want to be.


14. Don't let anyone tell you they're not creative. Show them why they are. Recruit them to the cause of creating.


15. If it's lonely at the top, but you want to be the best at what you do, then lift up as many people as you can on the way up.