3D Printing is the new Desktop Publishing

Learning CAD to do inexpensive, independent 3D printing is going to become the new “learning word processing to do independent desktop publishing,” and it’s going to happen fast.

I think we’re currently in the “crappy dot matrix printer, paper with tear-off holes, monospaced fonts and abysmal clip art” stage of the 3D printing industry.

Or, for people starting to think about the possibilities, for whom experimenting with it isn’t prohibitively expensive anymore, the “well, it isn’t pretty, but I made it myself and I’m proud!” stage, which will eventually become the “wow, there’s demand for this? I see problems I can solve because I’ve been here long enough to notice it — I’m a pro at this!” stage.

Which means a lot more opportunities are about to come over the horizon, for the people who can figure out which direction to look in.