David Brown Psychotherapy


David Brown is a depth psychotherapist based in San Francisco, California. In his practice, David works with individuals, families, and couples to explore their consciousness and re-emerge to the day-to-day feeling both present and secure. A quiet confidante and empathetic guide, David helps his clients overcome their battles with anxiety and depression, relationships, and addiction, as well as trauma, spiritual reemergence, and LGBTQIA issues.

David needed help reaching people who needed his help, and being able to encourage potential clients that are scared, uncertain, or overwhelmed was an obvious first priority. Before outlining and organizing David’s content, I immersed myself in his world and the mindset of those he works closely with. As I learned about his work, I paid close attention to the specific emotions, need states, and associations he wants clients to associate with his practice.

Positioning David as both an experienced and empathetic therapist throughout his website was a priority. While providing personal content that would connect with clients on an emotional level would be important, it was also important to respect professional boundaries so that clients would feel he was an unbiased resource and confidante.

Diving into the specifics of depth psychology was important to understand and ultimately write in the language of David's work. Prior to kicking off the writing itself, I conducted plenty of research into the philosophies and research that have shaped the field, including Jungian psychology, contemporary psychoanalysis, attachment theory, human development, and spiritual emergence. 

Equipped with a working vocabulary of David’s profession, the writing was kicked off in Google Drive so that David could easily give us feedback, making it easy for us to course-correct the vocabulary, voice, and tone all throughout the writing and editing process. Making the project collaborative and flexible was important for David, who was often reviewing and leaving feedback in between therapy sessions with his clients.

It was important to portray David as a person, not as a “brand.” We accomplished this together by crafting content that shares the way he approaches his work, and the special way he helps his clients reconnect to their lives and loved ones with vibrancy and fulfillment.

Visit David's website: David Brown Psychotherapy

Joseph Rooks