Content Kit

Every word you need to launch (or re-launch) a website.

It's a challenge to find the right words to share your story, and forcing your clients to handle it all on their own can delay your work and lead to lackluster words that don't do your design justice. Content Kit makes it easier than it's ever been for you or your clients to get every word you need for a successful website launch.


1. Discovery Workbook

Each client receives a custom-made workbook filled with questions hand-picked to tell me everything I need to know about the people and purpose behind the business, and exactly what it does for its customers.

2. Follow-Up Q&A

Once a client completes their workbook in Google Drive, I'll review everything they've shared and mark it up with extra questions and comments they can reply to in the document, or talk through on a phone call.

3. The Write Stuff

Once I have enough information to get started, the writing begins in earnest. As pages are completed, I'll share them with you and your client to get feedback and talk about how to integrate content and design.


What's Included?

(Every word you need to tell your story.)

Every Content Kit begins with a project scope that covers all of the pages, emails, headlines, descriptions, and body copy needed to launch a basic website from the ground up. From there, we'll customize this “jumping off point” as needed to include additional pages and even custom worksheets for gathering information on products, services, and team members.


Home Page

The grand entrance that shows visitors the way to everything they need to know. Welcome, entertain, and educate your way to deeper trust, interest, and action.

About Page

The story behind the business, what makes it tick, what it stands for, how it came into being, and how your experiences have influenced the journey so far.

Team Page

Show off the experiences, expertise, and passion of the people at your company, and the approach you take to working with customers or clients as a cohesive team.

Team Member Bios

Put your team's personalities and best work in the spotlight, so customers can see what you're made of and your team members feel seen and appreciated.

Products & Services

Show the world what you can do, and how you do it better than anyone else. Push past the facts, and make a case for the passion and purpose behind the work.

Landing Pages

Give your most important opt-ins and offers a space of their own, eliminate distractions for your visitors, and drive conversions and sales in the process.

Contact Page

Set the right expectations about when you're available, what you're available for, who should get in touch with you, and how you prefer to be contacted.

Subscribe Page

Turn visitors into subscribers by giving them a clear understanding of what you'll be sharing with them, and why they'll be happy to have it in their email inbox.

Subscriber Next Steps

If you want your emails to make it into their inbox, give them clear instructions to open your first email and confirm that you have permission to be there.

Subscription Confirmation

This dead-simple email has just one job: motivate new subscribers to click the big button in your email. If they skip this step, your emails can't get through to them!

Welcome Email

Thank new subscribers for joining you, give them a guided tour of your best and most popular content, and get them excited to receive your next message.

What Else?

Case studies, social media bios, blog category descriptions, and more – add what you need, or take away what you don't. Either way, it's easy to get started.


Let's talk for 15 minutes.

Simple, straightforward, and focused on you.

I'll answer your questions and ask a few of my own, so we can understand each other well enough to know if we should work together. Then before you know it, I'll have a detailed proposal waiting in your inbox for you, so you can see the whole project in extreme detail, request changes, and decide whether or not to move forward.