Content Development & Strategy Workshops


(Right now, these are only available to clients in eastern Virginia and North Carolina – but if you're somewhere else and you'd like to try an experimental online version of one of them, let me know.)


Splitting the Content Atom

A workshop for time-starved teams in need of a sane content strategy that optimizes what little time they have for creating content. We'll generate and evaluate ideas fast, determine what content you can realistically create with the time and resources you have, and create a plan to thoughtfully repurpose content so you can get more out of each piece you publish.

Case Study Crash Course

Want to create a lot of case studies, fast? This workshop is a deep dive into the details of your past projects, packed with question-and-answer sessions, worksheets, group interviews, and other exercises that will make it easy for your team to revisit the past and get the details into the open so we can use them to share your successes.

Holiday Preparedness

For businesses that want to quickly create and execute an effective content plan to promote a business before and through the holiday season. Don't wait until 2 AM on Black Friday to frantically compose emails or self-promotional tweets under pressure. Put together a plan of action that shows customers they are appreciated.


Interested in hosting one of these for your team, organization, lunch-and-learn, drum circle, or another event? Let's make it happen!