A few last words to button this up.

Yesterday, I was casually browsing websites belonging to agencies and creative folks in the area so I could get a better idea of who's who. I decided a few months ago to relocate to the area from Norfolk, because there's a creative community around you there that is so much more vibrant than any of the other places I've lived. I crave community and connection.

I wasn't looking for a job – my freelance work has been pretty good to me, so I haven't had to rush into anything. But when I saw a job description that aligned so closely with what I have already built a life around, I felt excited to apply for a job for the first time in a very long time.

It's not every day that I look at a job and think to myself, "this is better than what I'm already doing on my own," but I miss the dynamic collaboration and free flow of ideas that you can only have when you are working as a part of a team like the one I was a part of at Lexicontent.

I've followed several members of your team (and former team members like Lenny!) on Twitter and Instagram, so I have a good idea of the quality of the people you attract. Looking at the  work you all produce together made me think, “I'd really enjoy being a part of something that.”

So, I went for a long walk, dictated everything I wanted to say into my phone, and then sat down at my computer and put this whole thing together between yesterday and today.

I hope I've done a good job of showing you who I am, what matters to me, and what I'm good at. It can be so hard to know for sure when you are talking about yourself. If there's anything else I can do, any questions I can answer, anything about my work or my processes that I can share with you, please let me know.

When all's said and done, I sincerely hope that I will have convinced you that I'm the only person you want to hire for this position.

Cheers to the story unfolding,


Joseph Rooks

(404) 317-2014