A few things things I'd like to tell you about myself.

The Most Important Thing.

While I have plenty of experience as a project manager, copywriter, artist, and many other things that will hopefully be useful to your team, it's my curiosity – my insatiable curiosity about how a thing works, and how it will create ease or meaning in the lives of the people who use it – that I'd consider my most valuable and relevant, skill.

The diversity you'll find in my work makes my curiosity evident: very few of my projects are related to fields I knew much about when I took them on. I've always had a hunger for absorbing knowledge about things that I know nothing about, distilling it quickly, and then launching into action. This has allowed me so many opportunities to come into projects as an outsider, and build bridges of understanding between experts and their customers.

As a writer and illustrator who somehow ended up with mostly engineers, developers, and UX designers as friends, I feel at home among people who are wildly different from myself, and relish opportunities to provide those people with an informed outsider's perspective when that is needed.

Even when I don't have a technical understanding about exactly how a person does what they do, I'm often able to help them think through their approach to doing it in some way that's meaningful to them. I've developed this ability over the years because it's important that the people around me feel supported and encouraged, and know they can count on me to be helpful as they think through their ideas.

This, and all of the other experiences, skills, and thoughts collected throughout this site, really do give me reason to believe I'd be great at this. I hope that by the time you're done here, you'll believe it, too.

Everything Else.

I'm a ruthless optimist before anything else. I'm a writer, and artist who is driven by an insatiable curiosity about the details that make up the world around me. It's my belief that everyone has something in them that can create more good in the world, if they're just brave enough to share it.

Professionally, I'm a freelance writer, strategist, and project manager who helps businesses uncover the stories they take for granted, and turn them into content so they can share their passion and purpose with the world outside their walls.

From 2014 to 2017, I was a co-owner of Lexicontent, where I worked on more than a hundred projects in that time. Aside from creative work, I handled the majority of our new client calls, intake process, proposals, contracts, billing, and project management.

I spend a lot of my time encouraging others to put creative work into the world in whatever ways they can. I've been invited to share my thoughts on creativity, writing, content strategy, and business with students at The Iron Yard and Big Nerd Ranch, and I've had hundreds of one-on-one conversations about these topics over coffee or lunch. I never get tired of talking about them.

Outside of my work, here are some other things I love: