1. Me, On Me. ⇨

A brief introduction to who I am, how I think, what I care about, and why I genuinely believe hiring me would be a great decision that you'll be thankful for.


2. Them, On Me. ⇨

People who have known me for at least a decade provide the commentary track for my existence. I provide a couple of references to check in with.


3. Experience ⇨

What I've been doing over the last several years, as a freelancer and the co-owner of Lexicontent. A list of clients I've worked with, and a few summaries of notable projects I've worked on.



A Declaration of Creativity. A short overview of the mentality that I bring to my everyday life, and to my work as an extension of it. I don't believe in work/life balance so much as I believe in pushing toward a single life I love.


5. F.A.Q. ⇨

You may be wondering some things, and there may be others you haven't thought to wonder about yet. Here, I cover those as well as I can.


6. Final Thoughts ⇨

Well, we've finally come to the end of this. Thanks for looking over everything. I'll say a few last words and then let you be on your way.