Some outside perspectives on who I am.

It's easy enough to make myself sound good on paper; Seeing me through the eyes of the people who know me best will give you a much more useful reading on me, I think, so to make that possible, I posed this question on Facebook (with some anxiety on my part... vulnerability is tough!) and waited to see if anyone would reply.

“It's so hard to get an outside perspective on myself, and I need some help with that. Do you think I am an impressive person? If so, why do you think so? I’m not asking for myself – it's for something I'm creating, for a job I'd like to apply for. If anything comes to mind, I would appreciate you sharing it with me so I can understand how the people close to me see me, and why.”

Three of the people who know me best chimed in right away. Here's what they said, unfiltered, unedited, no cherry-picking:

You have managed multiple tragedies, and came out the other end with a desire to make things better not just for yourself but for other people. You always have a new perspective to share or something to teach people. I'd say that is impressive.
Yes. Because no matter what, and I mean no matter what, you persevere. And you take those things, the pain, the hurt, financial loss, business loss, whatever, and let yourself feel all the feelings and take all the time to be better and grow. You are probably one of the most self aware and determined people I know. With the patience to let yourself process loss and pain and all of it. There aren't many people that are willing or able to feel that amount of raw emotion. You aren't afraid to fail. You don't appear to be afraid of leading a different life plan. You know you will make a wonderful parent (and I don't doubt it either). And you know how to surround yourself with good friends and people.
In this day and age, you have fundamentals a lot of younger generations don't have. You strive to do your best, not to impress others, but to push yourself. You work great under pressure. You have the unique capability to think outside of the box, and make ideas work. You are able to take situations most people would give up on, and make them an opportunity for yourself. You are able to admit when you're wrong, but you use those instances to learn from them to make sure it doesn't happen again. It's impressive how you refuse to ever say no to a challenge, not because you want to be a show off, but because you love to challenge yourself and learn new things.


Want some professional references to compare notes with? I've got those, too.


Michael Hagel
Principal, Maybe.For.You

I've worked on more projects with Michael than any other person besides my former studio partner. He'll be able to vouch for my ability to organize projects exceptionally well, produce quality work even with less-than-ideal deadlines, and get things done on time and on budget.

Kyle Stevens
iOS Consultant, CapTech Consulting

I've had hundreds of conversations with Kyle related to design and technology over the last decade. He's easily the most qualified person to vouch for my ability to take in a ton of information, and use it to build bridges of understanding between very different people.