I believe everyone has something meaningful to give to the world if they're brave enough to figure out what that is and share it. I do my best to set an example of what that can look like as a writer, artist, entrepreneur, and ruthless optimist.


Professionally, I'm the operator of Lexicontent, a content experience agency that helps businesses create content that supports their goals, whether that means helping them sharing their passions, building better relationships with their customers, or just making it easier for people to find their work.

I’m also the host of Prolific, a collection of conversations with creative people about what compels them to make the things they do, and how they deal with fear, uncertainty, and doubt along the way.

Every once in a while I’m invited to stop by places like The Iron Yard and Big Nerd Ranch to share my perspectives on creativity, content, social media, and business.

When I have free time, I love typing on my typewriter, drawing, cooking, taking absurdly long walks, and reading One Piece start to finish over and over again… all 900-plus chapters of it and counting.