About Joseph Rooks

Currently, I'm Senior Communications Specialist at Ultra Safe Nuclear, overseeing elements of the company's branding, visual design, content strategy, social media, and anything else with a creative bent to it. I get to shape the way we share our stories with the world outside our walls, including the general public, state, local, and federal governments, organizations like NASA, the Department of Defense, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and industry partners we work closely with. It's a dream job, really.

I've also consulted as a content strategist & creative director under the Lexicontent banner since 2014, helping my clients create content to support their goals, build stronger relationships with their customers, and make it easier to find their work. I continue to selectively taken on new clients, and old clients are welcome to reach out about my current availability (or even just to catch up).

Occasionally I'm invited to speak at places like Big Nerd Ranch and The Iron Yard to share my thoughts on creativity and entrepreneurship.

When I have free time, I love typing on my typewriter, drawing, cooking, taking absurdly long walks, and re-reading One Piece…  1,000+ chapters and still going strong.