Things To Do On Your Computer While Hiding From Diseases

Things To Do On Your Computer While Hiding From Diseases

These are largely informed by my own interests, so your mileage may vary, but it's a diverse enough list that I think there's something here for most people.

  1. Read One Piece.  (Or read my spoiler-free take on the series first.) A subscription to read the full series is just $2/month, with a 7-day trial.

  2. Download your favorite old video game and software that can play it on your computer. Guide for Windows (skip RetroArch); use OpenEmu on the Mac.

  3. Play Stardew Valley (pictured above), a relaxing game about running a farm and getting to know the people in your town (and an homage to old school Harvest Moon).

  4. Obsessively plan a Stardew Valley farm. Even if you have never played the game before you might still enjoy making a farm that looks nice without having to do all the work of actually playing the game.

  5. Browse TVTropes to go down endless rabbit holes about your favorite things.

  6. Watch someone cook, or craft, or sing, make music, or play a game on Twitch.

  7. Start an Audible free trial to get two free audio books of your choice. (You get to keep them forever whether you continue your subscription or not.) Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain is a personal favorite of mine.

  8. Watch past SpaceX launches on YouTube. Some of these are 30 minutes to several hours long and great background noise while doing something else.

  9. Email the people you love and ask for their heirloom recipes (digitally written up, or photographed).

  10. Organize your recipe collection with Anylist (my all-time favorite recipe and shopping list app) or Google Drive.

  11. Design something with digital LEGO bricks using BrickLink Studio.

  12. Update old (and especially re-used) passwords with secure ones, and save them with LastPass so you can auto-fill them instead of typing them in. Guide here.

  13. Find out what fictional characters you're most like based on statistics contributed by thousands of people. (From the huge list of tests here.)

  14. Cut things in half with a TV Knife and reassemble them with Flex Tape.

  15. I originally wrote "audit your Facebook "friend" list" here, but then thought better of it. Instead, try to avoid opening Facebook for as long as you can each day, and do any other item on this list that's actually fun in its place.
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