About My Twitch Channel

If you're not familiar with it, Twitch is a website where people stream themselves doing all sorts of things: playing games, doing crafts, cooking, performing music, and more.

You can find my channel at twitch.tv/josephrooks. The rest of this page is a quick reference to things people who frequent my channel will want to know about it.

Click here to jump straight to the rules if you haven't read them before.

Supporting the Channel

Please feel welcome to just enjoy your time in my channel. Your own time, voice, and perspective are the best things you can give to support any community.

If you feel compelled to show your support in other ways, whether that's by subscribing, tipping, or buying something neat for yourself, I'll be very grateful and I'll put your contribution toward neat things to improve the stream.

!tip: You can contribute directly to purchases for all sorts of future streams by leaving a tip. Tips are never expected, but are always received with gratitude. https://streamelements.com/josephrooks/tip

!merch: Whimsical doodles you can wear, drink from, or put on things: https://teespring.com/stores/josephrooks

General Commands

!me: Multi-command to show some combined information including your Pog count, watchtime, follow time and date, and account age.

!stats: Multi-command to show some combined information about the channel.

!typewriter: Get info about TypewriterCam redemptions for subscribers!

!lurk or !away: Let chat know you're stepping away for a while. Displays a random away message. (Redeem channel points to add a random away message to the list!)

!back or !unlurk: Let everyone know you've returned.

!watchtime: See how many hours you've watched the channel.

!derp: Get my derp count. Editors and moderators can use '!derp +' to add to the counter.

!deaths: Get my death count. Editors and moderators can use 'deaths +' to add to the counter.

!vibe: Does what it says on the box.

!discord: Displays a link to join my Discord.

!steam: Displays a link to my Steam profile.

Channel Point Redemptions

Vibe: Wish on the Vibe Log for good vibes to visit upon everyone in chat. Doesn't really do anything else...

Add an Away Message: Add an away message of your own devising to the !lurk command (pending my approval). Suggestions: favorite song lyrics, cheesy inspirational quotes, middle school classmate drama...

Typewriter Time: I'll use my typewriter to write a note based on the criteria shown in the description at the time. (For the channel point redemption, it changes from time to time.)

Nintendo Power: Pick any NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, or Gameboy Advance game for me to play for at least an hour during a future stream. (We can coordinate that for a time when you'll be around!)


Pogs are cheap throwaway toys you get just from hanging around in chat. They're similar to channel points, but you can't redeem them for anything useful, so just play with them and have fun.

!pogs: Find out how many pogs you have, what your rank is, and how many hours you've trained (your channel watch time).

!top: See the Elite Four Pog Hunters in the land.

!give: Give pogs to another user with '!give <username> <amount>'

!slam: Train in the wilderness with '!slam<number of pogs>'

!quest: Gather a party to go Pog Hunting in the wilderness.

!duel: Challenge another Pog Hunter with '!duel <username> <amount>'

!arena: Enter the Arena with other Pog Hunters to see who will be the last one standing.

!stack: Mod-only command. Use '!stack <amount>' to stack some Pogs on the table. Users can then use !join to


(Just for Subscribers!)

!sb: Soundboard command. Use '!sb' to list sounds, and '!sb <sound name>' to play a sound on stream. You can preview sounds first by clicking this link.

Things I Recommend

!coffee: Strange Coffee Company makes my favorite coffees in the world, and this isn't even an ad! I just love the coffee and the people so much that I want everyone else to try it too: http://strangecoffeecompany.com #NotAnAd

!specs: My specs are boring and irrelevant, but if you want to see some of my favorite accessories, look here: https://kit.co/josephrooks/highly-recommended

!backup: Automate backups of your computer with Backblaze so you never have to worry about losing anything! Support the channel a lil' bit by trying it thorugh this link: https://www.backblaze.com/best-online-backup-service.html#af9w29

!gtd: (My favorite book!) Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity | https://amzn.to/3aEaMb3

Channel Rules

These apply equally to my Discord community and my Twitch chat.

  1. If you have any issues or concerns, however minor, please let me know as soon as possible. Feedback, even when it feels insignificant or like complaining, helps me keep the pulse of things and keep this a nice place for the kind of people I want here.
  2. Avoid politics and religion. There are better places on the internet to have in-depth discussions about those things, with others who choose to do so.
  3. No behavior or content that could reasonably be considered discriminatory, hateful, or insulting, even jokingly. This includes posts about race, nationality, political views, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation.
  4. My community is not explicitly "family friendly," but vulgar, inappropriate, or insensitive behavior toward other members of my community will not be tolerated.
  5. No hall monitoring. It's my job to enforce these rules my way. If you see something, bring it up to me privately instead of trying to police other people in chat on your own, so I can deal with it the way I want it dealt with.
  6. On Discord, use a display name that complies with the rules above, and represents what you want people to know you by / what people know you by on Twitch. And no weird, offensive, edgelordy usernames. They're stupid.
  7. Above all, keep everything you do in my community constructive and respectful. Have empathy for others. Try to be mindful of the fact that not everyone's circumstances or ways of thinking are the same as yours. Be helpful, welcoming, and inclusive when you can, and do your best to encourage one another and keep the peace.

Thank you :)